Every Girl

We Are Young Money Young Money
"High sadiddy/saditty" refers to someone who's extremely conceited & thinks they're better than everyone. He's saying he'll have sex with any type of girl: "uppity" girls, normal girls, or even "skeezers"--girls who sleep with anyone, & have no standards.
referring the Hillary Rodham (sounds like Ride 'em) Clinton, he's talking about his ability to pick up women.
kit-kat is slang for fingering a girl with 4 fingers (kit-kats come in packs of 4 sticks) He's basically saying that he'd even have sex with a midget if she looked decent.
I think he says every "house of denny chick" and skeezer means slut or whore so hes saying he would get with anyone which makes sense because the chorus of the song is "I wish I could fuck every girl in the world"
The Notorious D.I.P.
i'll even do a midget if her ass is soft...... kit-kat is a bar you literally break off so its' used here metaphorically
He's saying since Paris Hilton's family owns nice hotels he would beat that all night to get free rooms.
Before this line he states his head is the dumbest head reffering to oral sex however by his head being "dumb" he says he should be hooked on phonics which is common program used to build reading and sometimes spelling skills.
All super-fine women.
He is saying he would sleep with every girl who looks like Eva Longoria, an attractive actress on the cast of the show Desperate Housewives.
Money is referring to the tightness of the jeans on the girl he is looking at.