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Sushi roll is fat around a woman's (esp. asian woman's) waist, and is not considered a pleasant sight. Wasabi is a paste that goes on sushi, and is very hot. The line makes no sense, but is only perceived as clever b/c wasabi goes on sushi I guess
he's referring to a female's body part when he says 'sushi roll' which is japanese and then says; 'hotter than wasabi' to also refer to a female because it is a "hot" spicy rooted eatable japanese plant.
She comes off of the top just like asbestos does when you scrape it off of the ceiling.
Sideburns are on the face, and when she says she wants her pussy there it means that shell put her pussy on his face.
Asbestos is a susbstance used in construction thats a carcingoen. It has to come of and does flake off from time to time, because it isnt safe. Paints made with asbestos flake and fall off and thats what Nicki Minaj is referring to. Its not as bestest!
I race for your love (like Ricky Bobby in the movie Talladhega Nights:the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, in which the main character used the catch phrase "Shake'n Bake")
This lyric is actually by a rapper named Guddah Guddah (which sounds like the southern pronounciation of "gutter"). "Put her under" is a comparison to anaesthesia, as in being "put to sleep." He's saying he will sleep with (have sex with) her.
Or more correctly: "I'm gutter Gudda". Gudda is a rapper on Lil Wayne's Young Money label. He describes himself as being from the streets ("gutter Gudda"), and "put her under" is slang for being so good at your sexual acts on someone they fall asleep.
his name is Gudda Gudda... put her under means he's having sexual relations with her.
the lyrics is actually "grocery bagged" as in he has her "in the bag" meaning its a sure thing that he has her.