Regulate...G Funk Era Warren G
In the video, Nate Dogg encouters a car full of females that are looking at him. They continue to stare rather than watch the road and their car collides with the curb.
The term "hemmed up" refers to being held up, stuck up, or robbed - ie, when you hem your pants you hold up the hem, thus when you get held up you get "hemmed". Wareren's friend is getting robbed.
The stranded women moved without hesitance to meet us where the street and sidewalk meet.
shoot those fools and make them lay down (make them lay down as in, they're dead or seriously wounded and so theyre on their backs)
straight up (as in, not lying) the girls ran into the curb with their car because they were busy staring at him
earn your keep means basically if you're going to work with these guys you better be able to keep up your end of the deal (it used to mean you have to work hard and earn the your room and meals you're getting in exchange for labor)
is good at handling and using a gun, which is made of steel
16 bullets loaded into the clip of the gun and 1 bullet in the chamber of the gun, ready to be fired