Swing Ya Rag

Paper Trail T.I.
when i take steps forward i bend my knee slightly farther than normal and also dip the shoulder on the same side down a bit, which creates a "bopping" motion. this is a display of condifence and is also part of a smooth swagger.
T.I. is stating that he has his Gucci branded square shaped cloth on display by tying it to the belt loop of his pants.
T.I. is referring to his Louis Vuitton handkerchief or "rag" that he "waves round in the air" when he's dancing. He then proceeds to do the same with his "gucci rag."
watch me display confidence in front of my peers; acting cool and showing off
a high-end Louis Vuitton brand bag full of stacks of dollar bills
T.I. is referring to the the fact that he feels the need to spend his recently earned currency instead of saving it.