Swagga Like Us

Paper Trail T.I.
TI figuratively runs the world around him. If he were to literally run, it would be with such speed that one would think he had an extra set of legs helping his running.
"Knot" is a slang term used for a roll of money. Rockawear jeans are bigger and baggier than skinny jeans so he needs them because his roll of money is so thick
basketball player Kobe Bryant's jersey number is 24, one greater than Michael Jordan's number 23. so, this is like saying you're trying to be the best at what you do.
This is a reference to Jay-z's propensity for driving expensive cars, in this case Land Rovers, and his ability to cook cocaine into crack, which is commonly done with baking soda
no one in our hood can match up to our style and excellent lifestyle
I wear Roca Wear brand dungarees to accomodate the large roll of cash I carry with me. They have larger than average pockets and are good for this task.
Jay is saying he's unable to wear skinny jeans because a.) his testicles are too large; and b.) he has too much money -- rappers often roll their cash into "knots" with rubberbands.
like saying if rap were the continent of North America, i would be Christopher Columbus (considered to have discovered America) and you would be the Pilgrims, who didn't come until later. Kanye (who raps this part of the song) is leading the way.
He is saying that his knots (nuts) are too large to fit into a pair of skinny jeans.
the way I carry myself, I show as much confidence as Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones, parading around on stage confidently