Live Your Life

Paper Trail T.I.
your life is immoral and you choose to participate in illegal activites, which is not the best way to live your life
they should show respect to him
T.I. is explaining that he taught others how to be successful like he is but is not given credit for it by them
The full quote is "unhappy with the riches because you're piss poor morally." This means even though you're rich, you're extremely unethical and therefore unhappy with your life.
To sell Cocaine- yayo
Someone is chasing paper when they are in a constant search (chase) for money (paper)
to be situated in the top position, in the same way a basketball player would post up to establish position near the basket
T.I. is saying that his influence on gang behavior in his community was what caused them to spray, which means to shoot an automatic or semi-automatic weapon (such as an AK-47) back and forth to cover a large area
the confidence a cool college kid has, walking around and talking like he knows he's awesome and everyone will love him
T.I. claims to have so much influence over people in his community that he could get them to put their AK-47 guns (Ks) away and not use them to shoot each other