What You Know

King T.I.
just recently got off of an airplane, and now am headed on a street in a vehicle. the full verse is "fresh off the jet to the block burnin' rubber with the top drop" implying he moved quickly from a plane to a car.
Leather guts is the interior of the car's apholstery is leather, and fish bowl refers to the windows having no tint, so you can see through the windows.
'dro aka hydro aka marijuana that is grown hydroponically. If you are on it, or smoke it, you will be buzzed
he is driving around with a couple of women of hispanic heritage as well as a woman of asian heritage
he has loaded 44 magnum revolvers hidden on him or in his car
Simply put, T.I. is plainly warning that he could easily knock your head off with the swift swing of his fist or the easy pull of the trigger of the guns we all know he has