What You Know

King T.I.
he has multiple keys, short for kilos, short for kilograms of drugs
TI is saying that even though he is rich now, he would still be willing to participate in a robbery of the sort where he would have to kick in someone's door
TI has a convertible and drives it very fast with the top down
When TI says "50 on the pinky ring just to make my fist glow" he is talking about how much he spent on his pinky ring - $50,000 - and the fact that it is made out of diamonds and glows in the light
When I contact you via Nextel (or Boost Mobile) DirectConnect (making a chirp noise upon connection), contact me back attractive female
Referring to a Louis Vuitton nap sack or back pack.
If you are talking about me, you need to come out say what you have to say, not behind closed doors
You never carry guns
The place where a drug dealer carries his drugs (work), in this song the preferred place is his Louis Vuitton knapsack.
A chop shop is an underground car shop that specializes in disassembling cars to sell for parts.