I'm Ill The Shakedown (mixtape) Red Cafe

Yankee game better seats than Rudy got

His seats at the Yankee game are better than Rudy Guiliani's(previous Mayor of New York)
The Yankees are a New York team. Rudy Giuliani (when he was mayor, & as a New York political celebrity) would have excellent seats to the home games. The rapper is boasting that he has even better seats than Rudy Giuliani has.
Yankees (New York) so Rudy (Giuliani, former mayor) has/had really great seats because he was the mayor, and probably cause he's rich. So he's got better seats for the game than Rudy Giuliani.
He is implying that his tickets for a New York Yankees baseball game are in a better location than those belonging to former mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is known to sit front row behind home plate.
"Rudy" is referring to former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, a powerful individual in NYC's social hierarchy who is able to get the best and most expensive seats at Yankees games. Red Cafe claims that due to who he is, he can get even better seats than Rudy's.