I'm Ill

The Shakedown (mixtape) Red Cafe
Matsui can also be in reference to Los Angeles Angels baseball player Hideki Matsui who is of Japanese (East-Asian) decent.
Smoking high-quality, sweet-scented marijuana has the effect of making my eyelids droop. The squinted appearance of my eyes makes me resemble a non-descript person of East Asian descent.
The Yankees are a New York team. Rudy Giuliani (when he was mayor, & as a New York political celebrity) would have excellent seats to the home games. The rapper is boasting that he has even better seats than Rudy Giuliani has.
The red dot refers to a laser sight on an automatic weapon. (i.e., the rapper is holding the weapon, and "you" are his target.)
the laser beam from a gun (and the ensuing loss of life) suits you well. it would leave a permanent mark ironically.
decyphring fo f...
Red Cafe recently signed to Bad Boy Records, headed by Sean Combs aka "Diddy". He's bragging about having Diddy's number in his T-Mobile cellphone.
"Rudy" is referring to former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, a powerful individual in NYC's social hierarchy who is able to get the best and most expensive seats at Yankees games. Red Cafe claims that due to who he is, he can get even better seats than Rudy's.
"Grizzly" is the ebonics form of the word "grind." The Grizzlies are also an NBA team that Allen Iverson just recently joined. Red Cafe is making a play on the word "Grizzly" by saying that he has been on his grind and is not new to it.
Yankees (New York) so Rudy (Giuliani, former mayor) has/had really great seats because he was the mayor, and probably cause he's rich. So he's got better seats for the game than Rudy Giuliani.
It's hard to explain. The red dot reference is to the lasers that are on guns. He could be saying that all that dudes tattoos are weak and the best thing on his body is the red dot from his gun, meaning he wants him dead.