So Fresh, So Clean

Stankonia Outkast
Saying that a very cool guy, even though he's drinking a cool beverage in a cool environment, is not even as cool as himself. Equation: Freddie Jackson + Milkshake + Snowstorm = Coolness Amount (< Big Boi's Coolness Amount).
Sir Lucious is one of the nicknames for Outkast member Big Boi, and he is saying that he wears belts made of alligator skin
I would like to hide out with you so we can be in isolation together for a long time like Anne Frank was, but for romantic purposes and on our own accord, not to hide out from Nazis and execution because we fear for our lives.
A yellow 1979 Cadillac Seville is being displayed
I'll show you how to be wild and have a good time, the same way Jack Tripper of the 1970s t.v. show Three's Company was always being crazy