Life After Death

Notorious B.I.G.
Mo Money Mo Problems
He is saying that he is the cat that you would see all different locations(in the club, concerts, etc.) high and drunk or either or.
The Notorious D.I.P.
Mo Money Mo Problems
Bent = drunk; He is indicating that at virtually all social events he is visibly intoxicated
Notorious Thugs
Mossberg is a manufacture of firearms, most notably shotguns.
Mo Money Mo Problems
Refers to part of the topic of the song by him sayin more money which releates to the common cliche many rappers use because the more money they have weighs down their pockets and modifies their walk or a gain in confidence producing a more confident gait
Mo Money Mo Problems
hes not giving any info to the Drug Enforcment Agency
Mo Money Mo Problems
Rollies is refering to the prestigious Rolex watch company.
Mo Money Mo Problems
Who produced an album that failed to garner a large amount of record sales? You can see by my expensive blue convertible that my sales were superior.
Mo Money Mo Problems
as the other explanation puts it so eloquently, yes, he is on a yacht. however, this lyric also implies wealth (not having bills to pay or job responsibilities to be home for) and comes from a song written in a time when mobile phones were a luxury item
Mo Money Mo Problems
he on a yacht
Mo Money Mo Problems
says he's living large, on the cover of Fortune magazine