Notorious B.I.G.

Rap Phenomenon Born again
I am a "reckless mercenary" like the fictional character in the movie Star Wars, that has three different personalities and I have aquired three different criminal charges. Becasue of my crimiactions I now have to report to 3 different probation officers.
Juicy Ready To Die
Play on words. Blow up as in immediate combustion with force and power, when coupled with getting paid ~ The manner in which his music will quickly amass him riches is akin to the manner in which the World Trade shattered when attacked. (pre-911)
Juicy Ready To Die
widelian is right. Biggy is employing both meanings.
Warning Ready To Die
paper = money. to stick someone up ("it's a stick up") = to rob someone by force
Warning Ready To Die
Darn it, those black people want to kill me for my money
Warning Ready To Die
stick = stab, paper = money
Warning Ready To Die
rob me (stick up) for my money (paper)
most ballinest ...
Dead Wrong Born again
This is also a multiple entendre: If someone has "the vapors," it means they have fainted, or passed "out." In this case, "out" means to have left the studio/building/stage. (Like him saying "I'm Swayze", meaning he has disappeared like a "Ghost.")
Ready to Die Ready To Die
"Off and on" implies he can come up with new lyrics whenever he wants, it's as easy as turning a light switch off and on.
Mo Money Mo Problems Life After Death
He is saying that he is the cat that you would see all different locations(in the club, concerts, etc.) high and drunk or either or.
The Notorious D.I.P.