I Don't Like The Look Of It Back 2 Guddaville Gudda Gudda
This rapper, just by going into the recording "booth" and spitting a rhyme will teacher rappers how to rap, much like a coach. John Gruden is a football coach who was fired and became a TV commentator on football games, therefore he is the "booth".
My Chick Bad Battle of the Sexes Ludacris
His lady friend is very loud during sex so she brings the racket by making a lot of noise as Venus and Serena Williams do when they score points in tennis. Simultaneously a reference to a tennis racket.
My Chick Bad Battle of the Sexes Ludacris
Ludacris's lady friend is so skilled in the art of giving oral pleasure that she seems to "slide" down his "pole". He compares her aptitude in fellatio with a stripper because they literally slide down poles and because they apparently are skilled in bed
My Chick Bad Battle of the Sexes Ludacris
Ludacris is explaining that his current transportation of choice is a Purple Lamborghini Italian sports car. "Wam bam purple lam" is a play on the expression "Wam bam thank you ma'am" which refers to a one night stand with a promiscuous female.
Bedrock We Are Young Money Young Money
Sushi roll is fat around a woman's (esp. asian woman's) waist, and is not considered a pleasant sight. Wasabi is a paste that goes on sushi, and is very hot. The line makes no sense, but is only perceived as clever b/c wasabi goes on sushi I guess
3 Peat Tha Carter III Lil Wayne
in addition to creating supporting roles for his friends, Adam Sandler also starred in a film called "Click"
Empire State of Mind The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
Three-card monte is a "confidence trick" with three cards, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-card_Monte
Fresh Like Us The Swelly Express Chiddy Bang
my actions are honorable or "noble" and this sounds like part of the last name of San Antonio Spurs point guard Manu Ginobli
How Low Battle of the Sexes Ludacris
Lambourghinis (the car) ride low to the ground. (He makes her get very low)
Wasted The State vs. Radric Davis Gucci Mane
he's got a 40 cal hand gun on him, and its off safety, implying he's ready to use it at any time.