Lucifer The Black Album Jay Z
it's a verse from the Bible (gospel of Mathew). He is saying that he rules the earth until he dies, and only then will the meek inherit it
Good Morning Venom Chamillionaire
dirty money is money gained from illegal activites (selling drugs, etc.). He is saying he has to wash his hands because he is earning "dirty" money
Fly In Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
Another explanation could be that in Pac-Man, the only time the Ghosts flee from Pac-Man is when there Blue. Hence Lil Wayne is saying he is a constant aggressor towards anyone who opposes him.
Fireman Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
Hes more than likely referring to having so much drugs in his trunk that his car is heavy in the rear and lifting the front end up. Hence, popping a wheelie.
Paper Planes (remix) Unknown Lil Wayne
'package' is probably referring to drugs aka packs - 'my whip game proper' = i have nice cars
Brooklyn Girls Unknown Charles Hamilton
I am a young man who resides in the North half of Manhattan, New York but I exhibit charactertics of people native to the Lower Manhattan neighborhood that lies South of Houston street.
My Chick Bad Battle of the Sexes Ludacris
Your female companion is probably attractive and fantastic company, but unfortunately for you, she pales in comparison to the woman that I am courting.
Masta Ace - Acknowledge
It is important to note that this is not a logically valid personal attack, as Mr. Ace commits fallacy of equivocation by implicitly substituting different meanings of "spit" and "swallow"
Juicy Ready To Die Notorious B.I.G.
Play on words. Blow up as in immediate combustion with force and power, when coupled with getting paid ~ The manner in which his music will quickly amass him riches is akin to the manner in which the World Trade shattered when attacked. (pre-911)
Juicy Ready To Die Notorious B.I.G.
widelian is right. Biggy is employing both meanings.