Wasted The State vs. Radric Davis Gucci Mane
Referring to the fact that both Whitney Houston and Britney Spears have had experience with drugs, most likely cocaine. He is on drugs, like the two singers have been portrayed to be.
Carter II Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
In this line, Wayne is just saying that he has a lot of problems & he addresses them, like P.O. boxes instead of ignoring them; because P.O. boxes have adresses. Its really simple.
A girl is checking out Lil' Wayne and her boyfriend doesn't like it and is giving Lil' Wayne dirty looks, but Lil' Wayne doesn't care because if the guy tries to start anything Lil' Wayne's buddies will knock him out.
Murder Death Kill
he is always getting a sun tan on his gun hand because he is constantly holding his gun out, with his hand in the sun and he is blazing scorching lead at your fam, presumably meaning shooting your family
Wasted The State vs. Radric Davis Gucci Mane
rapper Gucci Mane and musician Jimi Hendrix both share a love for smoking marijuana but Gucci does not care to be a part of the social movement Hendrix was a part of
Tie Me Down Skinny Jeanz and a Mic New Boyz
just because tying your shoes is easy, doesn't mean you would be able to get me to commit to a relationship or hold me back from doing what i want
I Don't Like The Look Of It Back 2 Guddaville Gudda Gudda
"white girl" and "nose candy" are both names for cocaine in powder form. he is saying there is cocaine available if someone wants to snort it.
Internet Thugs Attack Major Pain Chamillionaire
He is swearing in his song the same way people swear online. F U K you obviously means Fuck you.
Rockin' That Shit (Rockin' That Thang) - Remix Love Vs. Money Dream, The
He is saying he will get the girl looking good, just like a shoe-shiner makes a shoe look good.
24, 23 (Kobe, Lebron) Thug Motivation 103 Young Jeezy
He purchased a Rolex watch and the price is so expensive he could have purchased a vehicle for the same cost.