Forever Thank Me Later Drake
Drake's simply saying he wants to live the 'good life' forever. So it is never ending.
You're A Jerk Skinny Jeanz and a Mic New Boyz
Saying she's easy in sex. You can easily turn her on, simply like you can just press the ipod touch & it'll work automatically. Obedience.
lil wayne ft eninem - drop the world
Basically, Lil Wayne is telling someone [presumably his loved one] that they can keep the happiness & therefore [save him] he'll keep the sadness & sorrow
24, 23 (Kobe, Lebron) Thug Motivation 103 Young Jeezy
Jeezy has a rolex on his arm that's worth so much money, he feels it should come with its own anti-theft device.
Big B P
Crack A Bottle Relapse Eminem
Eminem will grab another PHILLY (girl) from "out the stable" (out of the line-up of women waiting to "jump on shady's dick").
Big B P
Empire State of Mind The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
"I don't care how you get here, so long as you come here and have sex with me when I call you."
Big B P
My Life LAX Game, The
Kanye has a BS smile. Putting on a "Kanye smile" is like lying through your teeth.
Big B P
Forever Thank Me Later Drake
Gucci Mane dissed Eminem, calling him Pinocchio, and now Eminem is saying that he is back.
Nothin' On You The Adventures of Bobby Ray B.O.B.
nintendo 64 used cartridge games which use to freeze when u would play them so hes metaphorically speaking by saying u got me froze like a nintendo 64
I Don't Like The Look Of It Back 2 Guddaville Gudda Gudda
There is a Caucasian woman on the table in a party bowl.