Country Grammar Nelly
while you're spending time with a lady, if she ever acts as if you are a couple (says "let's go back to our house" or "let's get in our car" etc.), things have gone too far and you must get rid of her before she wants a serious relationship or your money.
Jeff Gordon is a successful NASCAR driver, in which he became successful by driving faster than other drivers.
ms. d-dizzle
I can inhale one whole ounce of marijuana in a single breath.
Nelly is stating that he finds females that sport corn rows (a style of hair that involves extremely tight braids to the scalp) and well kept foot hygiene
This person enjoys watching another person as they are in a squatting position, i.e. a dance move
Carats (a measurement of diamond size) is a pun on carrots (the vegetable), found, apparently, in aisle D of some grocery stores. Bread is another word for dough, slang for money, but could also be the food (found in aisle G of the grocery store).