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Country Grammar Nelly
Todd Shaw is the real name of rapper Too Short. He had an album named Born to Mack
Nelly is referring to having a high enough status & wealth to be let in the "club" of such successful men as Bill Gates of Microsoft and the entrepreneur Donald Trump.
the vehicle i'm driving has many wood trim pieces in the interior (on the steering wheel, dashboard, doors, etc.), the car has (is "sitting on") shiny expensive chrome wheels, and it has a very bright high-gloss paint (the color candy might be).
MC Hammer (U Can't Touch This, 2 Legit 2 Quit) is noted for becoming famous but quickly going bankrupt after spending his money on many expensive things.
ms. d-dizzle
Dayton Wire Wheels, the original low-rider wheel of choice, have knock off rims that are installed by spinning on the center hub, and tightening with a rubber hammer.
A Mercades Benz, with a Kenwood brand sound system that has 10 inch speakers throughout
he has an automatic weapon at his side ready to be fired
Nelly is proud to be from St. Louis, Missouri