Saturday (Oooh Oooh!)

Word of Mouf Ludacris
while the explanation about cocaine is accurate about that drug, i think he is actually high from smoking marijuana and is comparing this high to the fact that nose bleeds sometimes occur at high altitudes because of dry air
with the effects of cocaine in his system, his nose bleeds because of continuous snorting of cocaine
i have a Desert Eagle, which is a semi-automatic pistol. you load bullets into it with magazines or "clips" that slide into the handle of the gun. i have an extra clip which is already loaded, so i have approximately 8 more bullets available
to "push" means to drive, possibly from the fact that when you drive a car you are making it travel forward as if pushed. so, he is wondering why you doubt he drives expensive cadillacs (maybe because you're jealous).
The artist is telling us that his Cadillac is broken, and must be pushed. He has probably run out of gas, or is having mechanical problems.
Those that disrespect me will be gunned down in a rain of bullets so plentiful it will be similar to the aeresol cloud from the hair product Afro Sheen.
They don't ever want to engage in gun play, they don't have the disposition for it. This is stated to show they are not really very tough.