Diamond in the Back

Chicken-n-Beer Ludacris
He's looking on the bright side of robbing or stealing for money and getting it quickly
i have achieved success in my life so i'm no longer dealing with people that insult or disrespect me, nor with having to blow into the end of a video game cartridge to remove dust so that it loads in my Nintendo (that was a long time ago).
checking something out while driving, leaning toward the center of the vehicle with your left hand on the steering wheel, or leaning toward the window with your right hand on the steering wheel
Possibly refering to the way he uses his suble movements, how he walks (his "swagger") when at a social gathering to communicate his respectabliity
Having a diamond shape cut out of the vinyl covering the rear window of a pimp's vehicle was used to represent the fact that a transaction involving a prostitute could be made at the window of this vehicle.