My Chick Bad

Battle of the Sexes Ludacris
Parades are processions in the public streets, usually a public spectacle or as a form of entertainment. Macy's parade is internationally renowned because of a multitude of inflated helium balloon floats.
Nicki Minaj is sending out a warning to everyone that she is so bad that she could be Freddy Krueger, the clawed mass muder from Wes Craven's Nightmare on Elm Street horror films.
Your girlfriend might be great, but my girlfriend is better.
In the context of the song this means: "I ignore those wishing to befriend me [now that I'm famous]." Teste refers to testicle. To be left hanging is to desire contact but have it denied. Taking a left is avoidance.
She is going to exchange insults with her enemies, then murder them and stuff their bodies into trash bags. Hefty is a brand of trash bag.
Your female companion is probably attractive and fantastic company, but unfortunately for you, she pales in comparison to the woman that I am courting.
if you test (tease, play around with etc.) his girl, guns will be drawn (taken out) like cartoons... to draw can mean to create an image or take out. Homer is a cartoon character.
"it's going down" basically means something is about to happen/ occur. the basement is down.
It is widely assumed that Tiger Woods suffered head injuries inflicted by his wife as his extramarital exploits were discovered.
Hefty is a brand of trash bags.