Lollipop (remix)

Tha Carter III Lil Wayne
all that woman does is have sex with everyone (reference to the song She Bangs by Ricky Martin)
Kanye is suggesting that girls ask, "how much dick do they have to suck" (fellatio) until he (as in Kanye) takes her shopping.
Fritos chips are made by the Frito Lay company. Just like Lay is associated with Fritos, I am like Fritos as well because I am trying to get laid, meaning I am trying to lay with a woman and then have sex.
My rapping ability is very good or "cold", so much so that the home remedy for the common cold of chicken soup will do no good toward slowing down it's progression.
Lil Wayne is comparing his massive amount of chips (meaning money, from poker chips which can be cashed in for money) with the number of chips the giant company Hewlett-Packard has (in their case computer chips).
Kanye (who does this part of the remix) is saying that just like Doritos are nacho cheese, this money is not yo (your) cheese (another name for money). it sounds like "notch yo" - blending nacho with not yo.