Let The Beat Build

Tha Carter III Lil Wayne
Blue Bayou is a water park in baton rouge Lousiana
It's a play on suicide doors and the fact that he says his rims are so big his car is two stories.
The producer of the song is a New Orleans producer named "Deezle".Wayne previously says.." i gotta thank Deezle for giving me this Deisel. Its a wordplay of the producers name, and how Deisel fuel makes a F-350 drive.The Beat makes Wayne be able to rap
a wave machine pool at a waterpark. don't expect Lil Wayne's lyrics to have any meaning.
He's talking about getting weed (sour diesel is a popular type). Then the next line is "Like an F-350, tank never empty" meaning that he always has weed. F-350's have a large fuel tank..
previously in the song, he says "the rims so high it's like it's two stories" so he's saying that his car rides so high that if he just hopped out he would be comitting suicide
He is referring to a girl's private part as if it was a toolbox, he is sayin' he is about to have sex wit her like he's hammering it.
He's saying someone gave him the hot beat. When he says diesel it's something similar to fire (hot beat), also talking about diesel gas which goes into the F-350 pickup truck.
The lyric is a clever play on words, using actor Will Smith as the subject. Will Smith had the movie "I Am Legend", but at the same time a he also means Smith as in a Smith & Wesson hand gun.
reminiscing back to some time ago when people wore white silk "wife beater" tank-top undershirts (sometimes worn by men who beat their wives) and "wave caps" - hair covers used to ensure chemicals treating your hairstyle set in and make your hair wavy