Got Money

Tha Carter III Lil Wayne
A fellow glares menacingly in my direction, but this of no concern to me because I am amply protected by my entourage and/or bodyguards.
i spend alot of money but i earn alot of money so i dont care
Winn-Dixie is an old southern grocery store chain. Who wouldn't want a bag full of money?
the boyfriend of a girl Lil Wayne has his eye on in the club is showing anger toward Wayne like a city cop would (city cop is used to distinguish between city police who are tough and mean and sherrifs or state police who are considered more lenient).
clap your hands along with the beat of the song in celebration if you have a large amount of money (rolled up in your pocket and rubberbanded or otherwise) - this encourages people to clap and get into the song
this term has been used in a lot of songs lately, and means it's not considered tricking (prostitution) if a woman sleeps with someone after he buys her things, since the guy already gave her the things and won't take them back even if she says no
this is a reference to the song where T-Pain sings "I'm in love with a stripper", saying T-Pain easily gets women (including even strippers who can choose from many men) to fall in love with him
people are jokingly suggesting that Lil Wayne has so much diamond jewelery (ice) on, that he could put it on the ground and ice skate on it.