3 Peat

Tha Carter III Lil Wayne
in addition to creating supporting roles for his friends, Adam Sandler also starred in a film called "Click"
Actually this line is more likely to be in reference of the fact that Adam Sandler is known for putting his closest friends in his movies. So Wayne's saying he's always looking out for his clique like Adam Sandler does.
Magic Johnson was an NBA basketball player who announced he had HIV and was retiring from basketball. He then was on the NBA All-Star and US Olympic teams. Wayne is comparing his succesful new album to Magic's basketball achievements
A reference to Vaushaun "Maestro" Brooks who produced the song.
as if by magic (magicians say "abracadabra") i have extended myself to the top spot in the rap album charts, just as viagra pills "magically" cause a man's anatomy to point upward.
just like Adolf Hitler terrorized Europe during World War II and caused many people (Jews in particular) to have nightmares or be afraid, Lil Wayne instills fear in the citizens of New Orleans because he has power and does not like to be crossed.
Lil Wayne is explaining that he is back on the music scene, with this new album Tha Carter III. It is the third in a series, hence the 'three-peat' - a take on the word repeat. C3 is an abbreviation for Tha Carter III
I can get what I want by sweet-talking females, and this "game" I have is so good that it's comparable to Stuart Scott (an ESPN television channel host that talks about sports games) - a different kind of "game" but it's a funny comparison.
He does whatever he does for his click, or group of friends, and since he is a rapper and wants to sound cool, he mentions Adam Sandler who was in a movie called 'Click"
When he was 12, Wayne shot himself in the chest with his stepfathers gun. If the bullet would've been two inches closer to his heart, he would have died.