Fly In

Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
Another explanation could be that in Pac-Man, the only time the Ghosts flee from Pac-Man is when there Blue. Hence Lil Wayne is saying he is a constant aggressor towards anyone who opposes him.
I don't have anything chrome plated on my Lincoln Continental because I stick to the basics.
This could also be a reference to the fact that Lil' Wayne represents the Bloods gang, which are affiliated with the color red; their rival gang, the Crips, are affiliated with the color blue. Hence, the "blue" rivals he/his gang kills would be "ghosts."
Lil Wayne is referring to Magic Johnson, #32 for the Los Angeles Lakers, coming back after being diagnosed with HIV, and Larry Bird, #33 for the Boston Celtics, with both teams having one of the most storied franchise rivalries in NBA history.
This is another way of saying killing the person(s) in question, 'on chill' being a reference to the concept of a dead body being cold to the touch.
telling the judge (respectfully referred to as "your honor") that you're not using cocaine (sniffing it through your nose) - you're just selling (pitchin') it. this could possibly get you less jail time, but selling drugs is usually worse than using them.
I mention/represent Hollygrove, the neighborhood in New Orleans where I'm from, in all of my songs.
when talking about drugs, a quarter standardly refers to a quarter of an ounce. in this case, it is of pcp
a quarter of a measurement of PCP
Lil Wayne is saying that if the rap business (or life) was a Pac-Man video game, he would be Pac-Man and you would be a blue ghost. In the video game, Pac-Man attacks ghosts when they turn blue (the blue ghosts also float/run away from him).