Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
Hes more than likely referring to having so much drugs in his trunk that his car is heavy in the rear and lifting the front end up. Hence, popping a wheelie.
A woman's love (both true and lustlful) can be described as a dormant candle, needing to be lit initially, burning you if you don't take caution; he is making a reference to a candle needing to be waxed, and implying his release is the "wax" in question.
That he will have you killed or hurt badly. By sayin he will stawberry grape you he is implying that he would make you bleed and beat ou till the point of bruising which is most commonly found to be a reddish purple hue.
He is comparing his expertise at the rap game (saying he is able to thrive in the music industry) to playing a video game. he's saying he's been doing it so long it's as if he were playing a video game for a long time and bruised his thumb.
I went to art school refers to painting a picture with the back of someone's head after shooting them. Painting a "pollack" (an abstract piece of art on a wall or other surface, after the artist named such) with your brain.
Quick-Draw McGraw was a cartoon character who pulled his gun out quickly, and Weezy is saying he too pulls his guns out ("draws") fast. He says art school because you learn to draw with pencils there, like he did with guns in his hometown or hood.
the necklace i'm wearing has expensive jewels and gems that are multi-colored like the feathers of exotic spokesbird Toucan Sam and the Froot Loops cereal he represents
Probably refering to how heavy his subwoofers are, which are usually placed in the trunk. (His car's sound system has a lot of bass)
Lil Wayne is addicted to the rap game like Michael Jordan and Walter Payton are to there sporting games