Feel Me

Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
Re-ups are when the new "package" of drugs come in. Wayne is saying they are like birthday parties, because they are so popular (and the drugs are like a gift). He adds "no room to park cars in the garages" due to high volume of interest in his re-up
Wayne is saying that after Hurricane Katrina he needs to put his hood/hometown, Hollygrove New Orleans, back on the map. He continues to do this by mentioning Hollygrove in just about every song.
Since Hurricane Katrina, the F in his nickname now stands for FEMA because he is giving back and trying to rebuild New Orleans, like FEMA is.
Deion Sanders was a football player and he played the cornerback position. Lil Wayne talking about a street corner though
Each time I skipped school as a youngster I would involve myself in illegal activities that paid very well, $1000 or more in fact.