No Ceilings Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne is stating that because he is such a "beast", even a zoological park would not be able to allow, much less contain him.
"dome" is a slang term for "blowjob" and lil wayne(being from louisiana) used this pun referencing the new orleans saints stadium
her head (fellatio) is so hot (good) that it causes the entire earth to get warmer at a slow but fastly approaching rate (global warming)
Lil wayne is stating that he will obtain 16oz(one pound) of marijuana, separate the seeds and stems from the plant, and smoke it. He uses "blow" homophonically to say he doesnt go to his court trials.
Lil wayne is stating your rapping ability(flow) is never excellent, thus wet. Eldery woman have difficulty getting "wet" due to their sex drive hardly working in old age. In proper translation he is saying that your rapping ability is not that great.
saying that a person better not make a mistake. "Ice road truckers" is a reference to the show on the history channel where a mistake on the ice can be costly i.e. slip off the ice.
wayne is suggesting his money continues to come in and keeping going like the energizer bunny who is known for never stopping.
a large amount of feces, equivalent in size to a horses rear end.
Lil Wayne is saying that all other rappers are not as big time as him because he did a nationally televised interview with Katie Couric on 60 Minutes.
"Catalinia Wine Mixer" is a reference from the movie Step Brothers in which Will Ferrells character was having a meeting with his boss about an event (Catalina Wine Mixing) during the meeting the boss has a heart attack while exlpaining
Koncious Kuzz