Ice Cream Paint Job

No Ceilings Lil Wayne
The correct quote is, "Hold the gun sideways like O-Dog". O-Dog is a character in the movie Menace II Society who kills a store owner with a gun, holding it sideways.
In direct translation hes saying, bitch(ho, slut, ect) I go hard(state of greatness, king-like) similar to the main character in 300 due to his fierceness and king-like actions
The addition of concrete blocks to your feet will not aid you in the task of staying afloat once I have thrown you into a river.
Sublime Chowder
he calls it an ice cream beat because the original song is called "ice cream paint job"... he's got it covered lyke sprinkles covering ice cream
This means that his rims are really really big.. Most likey 24's ... ( 24 inch rims) ..... and his tires are skinny.. meaning no tread cause he dosen't tread other rappers. And chris rock is skinny so thats self explanitory =]
Lil Wayne is explaning that if you had your feet in concrete at the bottom of a river, there would be no way for you to get out, even if you were michael phelps who is a 8 time gold medal winning swimmer.
runts is a willy wonka candy that is flavored and shaped like fruits...banana, orange, lemon etc
Tomb Raider is the title of a series of video games starring buxom adventurer Lara Croft, a woman well known for keeping her pistol in a hip holster. Lil Wayne is claiming, similarly, that he keeps a pistol on his hip.
Fred Frances
Here, "brain" is used as a slang term for fellatio. Were a girl to study at Cambridge, it would imply that her (literal) brain is bigger or better. So this is a bit of a mixed metaphor, but the point is that this girl performs oral sex extremely well.
Fred Frances
he is saying that he (through his lyrics) is new and original, the same way a Degree brand anti-perspirant/deodorant stick makes your body fresh by preventing body odor and perspiration