No Ceilings Lil Wayne
i'm pretty sure he's talking about the qb that played for the saints
Lil Wayne is saying he's in the way on the path to the top of the rap game, and you can't pass him. Aaron Brooks is the point guard for the Houston Rockets. Wayne is saying that he's dominant while making a reference to a point guard known for passing.
Lil Wayne is saying that as long as he is ahead of you, you will not be able to get around him. Aaron Brooks was a poor NFL quarterback, leading to the double entendre on the word "pass"
7 digit money would be the amount of money in the One millions category hence 7 digit places it is also the number of digits in a telephone number to call assuming you already know the area code.
beef refers to drama, which should be left outside the home in the streets and bread refers to money, which you want to bring home
MC Weeny
Fecal matter, or shit if you will, comes out of the ass. "on some shit" means being involved with something, so saying "I'm on some shit ain't even came out the ass yet" means what he's doing is so new and trendy it's not publicly known
nah man, its aaron brooks the former saints quarterback. hes saying you cant pass like aaron brooks, since brooks wasnt a very good passer, which is why the saints dropped him when they signed drew brees.
oh noes
Aaron Brooks is a NBA player for the Houston Rockets. He plays the point guard position and is therefore a very good passer of basketball
Planters are a particular name brand of nuts. By saying "I'm about to Planters (nuts)" Wayne is saying he's about to go insane; insane in rap music = good rap music. Deion Sanders' nickname is Prime Time or just "Prime".
Koncious Kuzz