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No Ceilings Lil Wayne
cheese means money, and cheddar, mozzerella and provolone are all kinds of cheese. so he's all about the money and lots of it
It is unclear if rapper Little Wayne is also suggesting that the NCAA coach smokes marijuana.
Lane Kiffin is the coach of the University of Tennessee football program and has become known for making outlandish and controversial statements.
grill refers to either simply teeth, or a mouthpiece often decked in diamonds. former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman is known for his namesake grill. as usual, Lil Wayne is copying references used by other rappers.
A professional tennis player, arguably the best player in the world right now.
"Owens" refers to Terrell Owens, a pro football player. Despite being considered the team's best player by some (Wayne included), the Dallas Cowboys released Owens. "Drop my best shit" here means "release my best album to date."
Fred Frances