Wanna Be A Baller

Sittin' Fat Down South Lil Troy
I'm guessing Lemmon is the real last name of the rapper Yungstar. David Taylor is a Cadillac dealership in Houston and a tight'um would reference a pimped-out caddy.
This is what happens when you have little rapping talent...you make up words that rhyme but make no sense when put together.
Recently I have acquired more legal tender. In the near future I will be signing a contract with Houston's independent rap label Shortstop.
portrayin' himeself to be a beast of perfection...... also a drug runner bacc and forth on interstate 10
"Sprayed" is Cannabis that has been coated in a foreign powder for increased weight, and "Ike" is a slang term for friend or brother derived from a blood gang member in Pittsburgh "Isaac" who was remembered after being shot by a rival gang
This comes after "hop out my big body form" which means he gets out of his ride. When he gets out of the ride he has his chain (bling around the neck) the chong (weed), and you cant forget the Moet (Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, an expensive champagne)
I have a lot of money and I live in the southern US. My Mercedes Benz has Monoblock wheels.
I want to make a lot of money, I want to call the shots, there are twenty inch wheels on my Cheverolet Impala.
My exhaust smoke is blown away by the wind as my extremely thin Vogue tires support my large custom wheels.
this means he took a Swisher Sweet brand miniature cigar, unrolled it, put marijuana in it, and rolled it back up tightly to smoke it. he also has so much diamond jewelry (ice) on that it looks as if he got sprayed by diamonds.