Lil Jon

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To violently have sexual intercourse with a female whose feminine parts show resemblance to cold cuts (roast beef).
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A few years ago, Michael Vick said he wasn't going to cut his hair until the he and the Falcons won a Super Bowl. He ended up cutting before going to jail however.
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The gun in his posession at all times has the most voluminous clip in existence.
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ATL Stands for Atlanta and Lil Jon is from Atlanta. He is saying to respect ATL
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His car always has the most expensive factory tuner modifications. (A factory tuner is a car that has additional third party modifications applied at the factory. For example, an AMG Sport kit or Brabus luxury package.
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"that 75" is a 1975 automobile, and "rallys" refer to rally wheels which were commonly found during the 1970s on sporty vehicles. "rollin' up 85" means driving on interstate 85, a major highway passing through Atlanta, the city Lil Jon is from.
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the process of separating "rocks" of crack cocaine into various quantities and put into bags so that it is ready to sell in different amounts
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You are not a little girl anymore, you are a grown woman just like Keshia Knight Pulliam (the actress who played Rudy Huxtable on "The Cosby Show").
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Twerking is a type of dance in which a female rigorously shakes her booty, usually against a male's crotch area.
ms. d-dizzle
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Uses the image of animals being processed into your store-bought, sliced precooked or cured meat