Touch The Sky

Late Registration Kanye West
Cam is refering to recording artist Cam'ron and the shit he got to pop is in refernce to the line before this one "..they thought pink Polo's would hurt the ROC" Cam'Ron made wearing pink "Okay" in the Rap community and shortly after Kanye did.
it could also be noted that Mum-ra's nemesis was the hero of the show Lion-o, and "lion" is a homophone for the word "lyin'"
Mum-ra was a villain on the popular 80's cartoon "Thundercats", who presumably lied to deceive upstanding citizens.
ms. d-dizzle
Ye is saying that shortly after he got an advance on his salary he went to Jacob the Jeweller to buy a custom made watch or chain.
remembering a time when Gucci clothing was popular to wear and a current trend.
He could not afford the new loafers he purchased. Now, he doesn't have enough money to pay for other things.
He is reminiscing on days in his past when playing a song by Slick Rick would ignite a boring party.
I arrive at our chosen location dressed and groomed in an especially nice manner.
your body resembles a Mrs. Butterworth's syrup bottle, which is attractive to me because it's shaped like Mrs. Butterworth who is a very curvy woman.