Gold Digger

Late Registration Kanye West
The lady in question is complimenting Kanye, suggesting by his personality that he 'rocks.' At the same time, the line also suggests she is referring to his label Roc-A-Fella records, acknowledging the iconic logo 'charm' his necklace bears.
If you are going to marry a woman, don't be a naive fool. Make sure you request a pre-nuptial agreement so as to avoid her taking half of your assets in the event of a divorce. This outcome would be tragic, since many women are gold-diggers.
Referring to the desire and ambition to be able to afford a luxury automobile in place of the inexpensive and merely affordable one now owned by the subject of the song.
You had a child with this woman now you have to stick around or pay child support til they are 18 years old.
A girl is carrying a Louis Vuitton brand handbag
She spent vast amounts of your personal wealth on indulgent plastic surgery, making her look like Michael Jackson, pop star and famous plastic surgery enthusiast.