Drive Slow

Late Registration Kanye West
the person has a vehicle with expensive Dayton brand wire/spoke wheels, which have caps called "spinners" for decoration and to hide the lug nuts. a person might "knock-off" (unscrew) and carry around one of the spinners to show off.
I believe there's double meaning here: first, the diamonds on Paul Wall(who raps this lyric in the song)'s grill literally reflect sunlight. second, his words illuminatine or enlighten the minds of those who don't understand
paul wall is talking about his grill in his mouth saying if he opened his mouth, the sun would make his teeth illuminate the dark.
my words are very enlightening and repsected
The candy colored paint job on Paul Wall's vehicle is extra shiny, glossy and ultra clean therefore making it immaculate.
Life is all about making cash money.
"look at how shiny my teeth are. I wear diamond studded dental fixtures to tell the world I have money."
In the era Kanye is referencing, there was a thing called a 'detachable faceplate radio' which was the height of in-car audio balla-hood. Ye's boy had it hooked up like that.
his vehicle is so nice that he has multiple video screens in it, even more than the number of TVs in his house (which is presumably a lot)
even though he was only 16 years old, Kanye is describing his friend who inherited a large sum of money from a deceased relative's estate and was therefore able to "stunt" or show off his money and car, like a stunt man would show off by performing tricks