Diamonds From Sierra Leone

Late Registration Kanye West
Allusion to being baptised. Caesar is a common black-American hairstyle.
Kanye West felt his lost out in an awards show (possibly reffering to a specific incident), therefore he got 'robbed' of that award, but not robbed as in having your stuff stolen, hence keeping his jewellery.
Getting Baptized
I am creatively superior to all others - I have so many awesome ideas that I forget some of them and even the ones I forget are better than your best idea
I am emphasizing that I have family in the city of Detroit, Michigan (some people refer to Detroit as Motown because Motown Records is a record label that was based there).
Here, Mr. West is referencing the sign made with two hands creating a diamond shape framed by the thumbs and index fingers in recognition of Roc-A-Fella, and making a pun about the eating disorder bulimia, characterized by the violent expulsion of food.