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Kanye West
Diamonds From Sierra Leone
Allusion to being baptised. Caesar is a common black-American hairstyle.
Hey Mama
S-Type refers to a model of Jaguar. The S-Type Jag is a midsized sedan.
Touch The Sky
Cam is refering to recording artist Cam'ron and the shit he got to pop is in refernce to the line before this one "..they thought pink Polo's would hurt the ROC" Cam'Ron made wearing pink "Okay" in the Rap community and shortly after Kanye did.
Diamonds From Sierra Leone
Kanye West felt his lost out in an awards show (possibly reffering to a specific incident), therefore he got 'robbed' of that award, but not robbed as in having your stuff stolen, hence keeping his jewellery.
Heard 'Em Say
From Chicago like Tim Hardaway.
Diamonds From Sierra Leone
Getting Baptized
Diamonds From Sierra Leone
I am creatively superior to all others - I have so many awesome ideas that I forget some of them and even the ones I forget are better than your best idea
Touch The Sky
it could also be noted that Mum-ra's nemesis was the hero of the show Lion-o, and "lion" is a homophone for the word "lyin'"
Touch The Sky
Mum-ra was a villain on the popular 80's cartoon "Thundercats", who presumably lied to deceive upstanding citizens.
ms. d-dizzle
Hey Mama
The S-type could also refer to a Mercedes Benz S class, commonly accepted as the most luxurious of the Mercedes Benz line of sedans.