Can't Tell Me Nothing

Graduation Kanye West
I am not interested in your advice, I will accomplish my goals with my own methods.
Kanye is expressing his lower-middle-class childhood. Unlike the Cosby family from television's The Cosby Show, where the children of two doctors go to Hillman College. The Hillman experience was expanded on the Cosby Show spinoff 'A Different World'
He is explaing to the person to wait until he gets rich.
Amid speculation whether Roc-A-Fella records would or could ever return, Kanye states this song is comparable to the Native American ceremonial dance performed to invoke rain, or in this case, the reign/dominance they once enjoyed over the rap industry.
The new music he releases is so great that it sounds like a "greatest hits" or "the best of..." album.
One can overcome any obstacle, seeing as Basketball superstar Magic Johnson has thus far survived his HIV-positive status.
Kanye knows that Jesus Christ died for our sins, so that we could all be saved.