Kanye West
Good Life
The correlation between the two lines in this particular lyric extends beyond the simply being disliked for his success and long-standing presence in the industry and includes the act of seasoning foods with varying herbs, spices and, most commonly, salt.
Can't Tell Me Nothing
I am not interested in your advice, I will accomplish my goals with my own methods.
Good Life
A black person in a new vechicle is usually seen by police as an ill-gotten vechicle, racial profiling. V is vechicle. They won't be getting pulled over by the police in their new Vehicle.
Can't Tell Me Nothing
Kanye is expressing his lower-middle-class childhood. Unlike the Cosby family from television's The Cosby Show, where the children of two doctors go to Hillman College. The Hillman experience was expanded on the Cosby Show spinoff 'A Different World'
Can't Tell Me Nothing
He is explaing to the person to wait until he gets rich.
Kanye is saying that he's been waitin all night to talk to or get to know a certain female, and he's only been liking her since he seen her which was probably earlier that night
Good Life
Snake is used to explain his penis and this lyric suggests that they are on a plane and he is showing her his penis (this is also a reference to the movie Snakes on a Plane).
Good Life
she feels really drunk and boozed up in a bad way, like performing a bad show at the Apollo Theater and getting booed off stage
Can't Tell Me Nothing
Amid speculation whether Roc-A-Fella records would or could ever return, Kanye states this song is comparable to the Native American ceremonial dance performed to invoke rain, or in this case, the reign/dominance they once enjoyed over the rap industry.
Good Life
The term "seasoned" referres to being a veteran or knowledgeable about rap. The salty looks refer to enviuos or jealous looks. People are jealous because of his experience.