Kanye West

Good Life Graduation
The correlation between the two lines in this particular lyric extends beyond the simply being disliked for his success and long-standing presence in the industry and includes the act of seasoning foods with varying herbs, spices and, most commonly, salt.
Diamonds From Sierra Leone Late Registration
Allusion to being baptised. Caesar is a common black-American hairstyle.
We Don't Care The College Dropout
DCFS in some states is Department of Child & Family Services; the government has intervened in their family situation. Kanye is talking about the underprivileged status of many children who are "in the system" or diagnosed with learning disabilities.
We Don't Care The College Dropout
this is for my homeless brothers; this year is going to be the year they get off the streets.
Never Let Me Down The College Dropout
...seen em repo-d, resold, and be driven. Saying like he's seen people at the top of their game getting Range Rovers as gifts, only to see them fall out and have the car repossessed and probably driven right in the same hood by the next hot hustler.
Hey Mama Late Registration
S-Type refers to a model of Jaguar. The S-Type Jag is a midsized sedan.
Can't Tell Me Nothing Graduation
I am not interested in your advice, I will accomplish my goals with my own methods.
Jesus Walks The College Dropout
"Gone til November" is a general expression meaning that one is going away to sell drugs. "Packs to move" also references the sale of drugs.
Touch The Sky Late Registration
Cam is refering to recording artist Cam'ron and the shit he got to pop is in refernce to the line before this one "..they thought pink Polo's would hurt the ROC" Cam'Ron made wearing pink "Okay" in the Rap community and shortly after Kanye did.
Diamonds From Sierra Leone Late Registration
Kanye West felt his lost out in an awards show (possibly reffering to a specific incident), therefore he got 'robbed' of that award, but not robbed as in having your stuff stolen, hence keeping his jewellery.