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The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
It's a nod to the movie Goodfellas. Basically saying he has so much money that he gives people tips for things they had nothing to do with.
He was goin to 9/11 them as in september 11th like cause a disaster and chaose among the enemy but they did it themselfs cause they dont kno how what they doin
Refers to HBO showing Jay-Z sitting ringside at the Pacquiao vs Hatton fight.
This is a name check to The Color of Money, a 1986 movie starring Tom Cruise and Paul Newman as pool hustlers.
he is claiming that any one of his albums has more good songs (hits) than "Now That's What I Call Music: Volume 11" or basically that any of his albums are full of great songs.
to put an 8 ball in a corner pocket of a pool table is a reference to playing pool/billiards. Jay Z is saying that he doesn't need a pool stick because he doesn't play pool. however, he still puts 8 balls (quantities of cocaine/crack) on street corners.