A Star Is Born

The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
Lil Wayne and 50 Cent each had albums that sold over a million or "millie" the 1st week. Kanye almost did a mil in the 1st week. Eminem was not only the top-selling artist of the decade, but is also a white entertainer in a predominantly black genre.
He's using Common's euphamism of hip hop being a "her". Rae took hip hop on a date with the purple tape, after Wu-Tang gang banged
the line reads "50 came through like hurricanes do, I thought I'd (I would) finish his ass at summer jam too)
At Summer Jam 1999, Jay-Z responded to 50 cent's underground track "How to Rob" with a line from "It's Hot" from Vol. 3: "I'm about a dollar who the f*** is 50 cent?"
the line is "Pres. Carter watching her get her Monica on all day" talking about chicks giving him head (oral sex) like Monica Lewinski did President Clinton
the color of Raekwon's "only built for cuban links" cassette tape is purple and known as "the purple tape"
The entire lyric is Mobb Deep shook it, but Prodigy took it......(refering to Prodigy throwing verbal shots at Jay-z)
Jay-Z's birthday, the rest is pretty self-explanatory.....
giving props to Andre 3000 (of Outkast) for his smooth flow and intelligent lyrics, comparing him to all-time great Lauren Hill
referencing T.I.'s recent run in with the law for attempting to buy unregistered (and highly illegal) weapons.