Run This Town

The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
A reference to the card game known as "Spades" -- where the spade suit is the deck's most powerful -- this line is suggesting that MCs lacking any power moves (metaphorically, "spades") should just give up.
The Great Elucidator
Definitely means she dresses like a dude.. Needs to put on some heels, slut it up a bit.
Jay-Z said in an interview on Hot 97 in NYC that he lost a coin flip for $5,000,000.00 on what he would pay Def Jam for the rights to one of his older albums. Don't remember which album it was.
in the movie public enemy the girls were called black birds
Caesar as in Julius Caesar, and dark Czar as in haircut style or the clothing line he models for
you can call me Caesar is probably famed Roman emperor Julius Caesar, it makes sense that billionaire HOVA would identify with him. Could also be labor organizer César Chavez, since Jay has helped out so many young talents. I think CZAR is an automobile??
Also probably a reference to a line in The Glory by Kanye West, in which he says "Tank on empty whipping my mamma Volvo."
it's not about his childhood. it's about a girl who only wears tennis shoes and he wants to know if she's ever even had something without them ie heels or even pretty flats lol
When you are arrested, your shoe laces are taken out. the lyric is a pickup up line bragging that he's a badass that's been arrested
may also be in reference to run dmc who wore adidas without shoestrings.