Dirt Off Your Shoulder

The Black Album Jay Z
Next line continues with a metaphor with similar meaning as those two (and also with an alliteration): "O's to opposite", in which O's mean ounces in relation to drugs.
Ballers and bouncing a referrence to basketball, but also a double-meaning implying the hardknocks are bouncing to his music. They like him.
Jay Z has always stressed that he's more than simply "a rapper", and that his skills with the mic, although the core of what he does, are a route to be what he truly is, which is a captain of industry.
a grip is a lot of money. he paid a lot of money for his jeans, and his shoes (or gucci slippers) are clean, meaning they look good.
Jay-Z getting ready with the baking soda to cook up crack cocaine in his kitchen
Brushing one's shoulders have can have different meanings in certain contexts. In an antagonistic sense, it can mean 'your [hater] opinion does not matter to me.' In sports, it can be used as a celebratory gesture to demonstrate how clean (fresh) one is.
to "whip up" is to make, as in cooking terminology. he is saying he has cooked up enough crack cocaine and then sold it, to buy an expensive watch. he wants to sell a lot more so he can afford a Range Rover (clever because cars are also known as "whips").
This phrase refers to Jay-Z's progression from drugs on the street to fame: bricks of cocaine to the Billboard charts, grams of cocaine to winning Grammys.
ms. d-dizzle
a reference to the fact that Jay Z's November 25th, 2003 show at the Madison Square Garden venue in New York City to promote The Black Album sold out in less than 24 hours (on September 27th).