The Black Album

Jay Z
My henchman will pursue you relentlessly and will wait for you all night long if necessary. Once they find you, a bullet to your cerebral cortex will splatter grey matter on your clothing.
it's a verse from the Bible (gospel of Mathew). He is saying that he rules the earth until he dies, and only then will the meek inherit it
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Next line continues with a metaphor with similar meaning as those two (and also with an alliteration): "O's to opposite", in which O's mean ounces in relation to drugs.
99 Problems
The line is actually "bounce on the devil, put the pedal to the floor" Devil is a term used to describe white people, particularly ones who are in power.
99 Problems
the Bar exam is required for lawyers to legally practice. in context, HOVA is talking to a policeman about his property and search rights; he is telling him that he understands his legal rights and what illegal searches and seizures are
Moment of Clarity
I make a stink for you to think I inked these versus full of prose (simple content) so you won't get conned outta two cent... (Beach Chair)
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Ballers and bouncing a referrence to basketball, but also a double-meaning implying the hardknocks are bouncing to his music. They like him.
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Jay Z has always stressed that he's more than simply "a rapper", and that his skills with the mic, although the core of what he does, are a route to be what he truly is, which is a captain of industry.
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
a grip is a lot of money. he paid a lot of money for his jeans, and his shoes (or gucci slippers) are clean, meaning they look good.
Moment of Clarity
Hov is saying that he dumbed down for his audience, by not being too lyrical or technical so the average listener can relate. This way more records will be sold, opposed to the real complicated lyrics he usually kicks that most dont comprehend.