I Don't Like The Look Of It

Back 2 Guddaville Gudda Gudda
"White girl" is slang for cocaine as is "nose candy." The artist is stating that there is cocaine on the table readily available for all to partake in.
spelled with a K
This rapper, just by going into the recording "booth" and spitting a rhyme will teacher rappers how to rap, much like a coach. John Gruden is a football coach who was fired and became a TV commentator on football games, therefore he is the "booth".
There is Cocaine powder on the table and he is allowing people to insufflate (snort) it.
Whire Girl =Cocaine
There is a Caucasian woman on the table in a party bowl.
Playing Nas' song "Illmatic" on the iPhone
"white girl" and "nose candy" are both names for cocaine in powder form. he is saying there is cocaine available if someone wants to snort it.