The State vs. Radric Davis Gucci Mane
"Wasted" is a term commonly used by white males in high school and college to signify that they are under the influence of alchol or drugs.
he's got a 40 cal hand gun on him, and its off safety, implying he's ready to use it at any time.
White people as a whole get significantly more drunk than Black people when drinking and Plies is noting that he gets as drunk as White People.
a 40 is a 40 caliber handgun. Handguns have a safety setting that needs to be disengaged before firing. his handgun is tucked into his pants and the safety is off; it's ready to fire.
He has a 40 caliber handgun tucked into the waistband of his pants, and the safety is set to the "off" position, to shorten the amount of time necessary to use the pistol.
I have a 40. Caliber handgun on my waist and the safety is off so i'm ready to shoot.
Plies is only drinking straight Rémy Martin cognac tonight without a chaser such as coke or another beverage.
He is looking for a female to suck on his penis.
Talking about the drug "Ecstasy" it is made in the form of; pills. Gucci Mane's saying that 'he' the anonymous guy is addicted to ecstasy & he's getting high & wasted.
Gucci Man Means like[tell the bartender][refering to the person who serves beer at a bar][to send him 20 more cases of beer][like a pack of beer